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Addressing the unique challenges of energy hardtech startups

REACH selects 10–15 hardtech startup companies from the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains to join our year-long program — companies in the early stages of development that, when they hit their stride, are going to change the world. REACH is here to get hardtech entrepreneurs, researchers, and founders up to speed.

The REACH Energy Accelerator program will help you

  • Land the launch: Strategic choices, business model, competitive advantage, awareness and demand, and business principles and processes
  • Find your customers: Business entity, market research, TAM/SAM sizing, IP strategy, and executive summaries
  • Solicit capital: Capital Access Plan, equity model, venture valuation, investor pipeline, and investor pitch deck
  • Build your team: Forming boards, organizational capacity, fundable CEOs, and compensation
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Meet the class of 2022
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Collaborate with industry mentors

Learn and grow with leaders in the energy hardtech space. One-on-one mentorship and consultation gives you access to hard-won experience and an expanded network of forward-thinkers like you.

Mark Gorham Innosphere

Mark Gorham
Innosphere Program Director

David Raymes
GameSense Sports COO

Tom Fuhr
Innosphere Program Director

Meet the 2022 REACH Cohort

New Day Hydrogen
Seth Terry
Financing and building public hydrogen fuel stations to build the hydrogen vehicle market.

Farm to Flame Energy
Stefano Alva
Providing scalable, end-to-end electricity generation systems for communities in emerging markets.

Whit Allen
Building precision 3D LED systems for controlled environment agriculture.

Streaming Composites
Mostafa Yourdkhani
Energy-efficient manufacturing of polymer nanocomposites and composite materials.

Matt Tolbirt
Improving transparency and cost-effectiveness of remote water, energy, and infrastructure projects.

Todd Gentry
Converting waste heat to supplemental cooling for equipment shelters.

New Mexico
SiC Nanosheets Technology
Dr. Sakineh Chabi
Discovering the world’s first monolayer silicon carbide for atomic-level semiconductor technologies.

North Dakota
BWR Innovations
Joel Jorgenson
Automating legacy equipment and innovating fuel cell technology.

Magdalena Rakowska
Increasing access to environmental monitoring to measure pollutants in sediments, water, and air.

AirLoom Energy
Robert Lumley
Providing wind energy at a 15x cost advantage.

High Plains Biochar
Rowdy Yeatts
Converting biomass into heat, biochar, and carbon credits.

OMC Hydrogen
Britt Boughey
Creating renewable hydrogen to decarbonize fuels and chemicals using a thermochemical process.

Kristin R. Di Bona
Developing sustainable technologies for resource recovery, instrumentation, and custom materials.

Join the Accelerator

The world of energy is changing rapidly — because it must. Hardtech is the way forward. Will your research, business acumen, and/or new way of thinking advance the future of energy? Are you ready to take your big idea to the big stage of the marketplace? We want to hear from you.

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Applications are accepted year-round. The deadline to apply for the 2023 REACH Cohort is December 1, 2022.